The University of Texas Foundation
Donor Advised Fund

The UT Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund provides a flexible option for those who want to support the continuing tradition of excellence in the System, as well as other philanthropic interests. In many ways, the Donor Advised Fund operates much like a small private foundation on whose governing board the donor sits. This arrangement allows the donors to express ideas on how Fund distributions will be used (at least 50 percent must be invested in the UT System). Individuals who want to create an endowment that will benefit any part of the UT System, as well as non-UT charities, often use this option.

The first participants in the Donor Advised Fund made an initial gift of $100,000. Since then, the Foundation has solicited their advice concerning annual distributions. To date, the endowment they created has benefited the College of Engineering at UT Austin, a private school in the Midwest and a private high school.
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